The Italian pavilion presentation for EXPO took place in Rome

9 May

The presentation of the Italian pavilion for the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 was held in Rome. This was reported by "Khabar 24” TV channel.

"900 square meters. The Italian pavilion at the exhibition in Astana will be one of the largest. Visitors will be offered a historical excursion to Italy in the 1940s, so that everyone can compare past technologies in the energy industry with the newest inventions. However, no one will tell about the pavilion better, than its creators,” says the correspondent of the channel Julia Gonchar.

The pavilion is divided into 4 areas of oval shape, each of which bears the name of one of the Italian scientists who left a trace in the energy sector.

"Each is dedicated to a separate topic. While projecting video on the high walls of the pavilion, the designers offer visitors to follow the history of Italy's energy development. Paolo Desideri was engaged in the design of the pavilion," the television channel reported.

The author notes that the name of the designer in Kazakhstan is already known - a few years ago, the architect participated in the construction of “Astana Opera” theatre in Astana.

"We conceived the pavilion as a series of large squares, squares that actually exist in Italy. With the help of an endless stream of images, text and sound effects, we want to immerse each of the visitors, say, into this virtual reality. Into the reality of our country, culture of Italy, tradition and history and let them feel our creative spirit. There will be a lot of emotions! " Desideri shared.

EXPO will be attended by more than 20 major companies in the energy sector of Italy. According to the TV channel, 39% of the country's energy is produced today through renewable sources, ensuring Italy's leadership in Europe.

"Green" energy is one of our priorities. We try to increase, to the extent possible, the use of alternative energy sources, making them affordable. Italian technologies in this area are considered to be the best in the world. And wherever our business missions would go, they are in demand everywhere. I would like to thank Kazakhstan for having given us such an important place at the exhibition,” said Ivan Scalfarotto, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Italy.

According to the television channel, Italy hopes to get many new contracts, projects and profitable offers at the exhibition in Astana, and the work in the Italian pavilion does not stop even at night.

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