Intermediate results about the first "green" village of Kazakhstan created in the framework of EXPO have been announced

16 May

Several significant "green" projects have been realized in the village of Arnasay Akmola region since the year before last. They include an underground phytodiode greenhouse, solar bio vegetarians and an innovative closed water supply system, the information portal reports.

The village of Arnasay is a demonstration site of the international secretariat of the Coalition for Green Economy G-Global. Vyacheslavka secondary school is one of the examples of successful implementation of new technologies. Due to the operation of pyrolysis ovens, LED lamps in classrooms, solar collectors for providing hot water, solar panels for power generation and other innovations, the school saves 3 million tenge per year. In addition, the school created 3 greenhouses where ecological clean vegetables to provide vitamin-powered food for schoolchildren and teachers are growing.

The village also houses the center of the "green" technologies "Arnasay" where an underground phytodiode greenhouse and solar biogetarium, a biogas plant, infrared heating, subterranean heating, drip irrigation and much more operate.

Till June 1 of this year the G-Global secretariat plans to create 10 eco-guest houses intended for the guests of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. These objects will be equipped with solar collectors for water heating and solar panels for outdoor lighting.

In addition, the summer youth camp EXPOCAMP will open on the territory of the village of Arnasay. Every week it will receive 200 people. The main task of the camp is to teach young people the basics of a "green" economy and respect for the environment through the example of live demonstration technologies.

Let us remind it became known in early March that the center for the development of "green" technologies "Arnasay" will present more than 20 new projects at the EXPO 2017. The "green" village appeared on the map of Kazakhstan in 2015.

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