Vatican calls EXPO visitors to focus on the spiritual development

27 June

The creators of the Vatican pavilion at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 did not focus on innovative technologies but on the spiritual side. The exposition sets visitors to reflect on the problems of ecology and global threats to the planet, informs.

At the entrance to the Vatican pavilion, guests are greeted by a huge panel with the image of the pontiff Francis. In 2015 he published his encyclical "Laudato Si" where the head of the Catholic Church reflected his thoughts on the future of all mankind. He touched upon such topics as climate change, the civilizational gap between the developed countries and the countries of the third world, globalization and so on.

"You know we do not chase the number of visitors as well as we do not offer a spectacular show. We want our pavilion to make a person really think, ask yourself the most important questions: what can I change in this world, what planet will I give to my children, in what world and in what conditions our descendants will live. If we can make a person to think and get interested in finding answers to important questions, then we have achieved some insight effect", - said the vice-commissioner of the Vatican pavilion Father Guido Trezzani .

Visitors to the pavilion can see photos of drought, environmental disasters, social disparities and wars that pose serious thoughts. The Vatican tells the guests about international projects which it implements in conjunction with the world's famous international organizations in Latin America, African continent and Asia. In addition, anyone can leave his message to the pontiff Francis.

"Kazakhstanis are very spiritual people, open and many of them leave very serious messages: one visitor wrote: "God counts to one", in other words, each of us is important to the Creator - they leave such serious thoughts too. I think our exposition was opened in Astana  not accidently. It is important that your country knows what interfaith dialogue is. This is also an important moment for all of humanity. For a prosperous future it is required that representatives of different faiths do not clash because of faith but live in peace and harmony", - shared Trezzani.

Earlier during the presentation of credentials of the Ambassador of Kazakhstan Zhanar Aitzhanova to Pope Francis in Vatican, the role of the forthcoming exhibition in Astana was discussed. Cardinal Pietro Parolin, State Secretary of the Holy See, who attended the meeting, mentioned EXPO 2017 as one of the most effective platforms for the development of bilateral cooperation. As the Vatican noted, the Catholic Church lays high hopes on EXPO in saving the planet. The concept of the Vatican pavilion is called "Energy for the common good: take care of our common home".

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