The concept of the Polish pavilion at the EXPO has been announced during the opening of the flight Astana-Warsaw

31 May

A solemn opening of a new flight between Astana and Warsaw of the Polish airline LOT was held in Astana on the eve of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017. Thanks to the new flight, the time of travel between the capitals of Kazakhstan and Poland has significantly decreased, according to the website

The total time of flight from Warsaw to Astana or in the opposite direction, as LOT representatives assured, will take no more than 5 hours and 15 minutes. The time of flight from Astana to Krakow through Warsaw will also significantly decrease - 7 hours and 20 minutes. In this case, the time on ground in the capital of Poland will be no more than 70 minutes. Connection time in Warsaw when flying to Wroclaw from Astana will be 2 hours and 15 minutes while the journey itself will take no more than 8 hours and 25 minutes.

The details of the concept of the Polish pavilion at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 were also disclosed at the opening ceremony of the flight. Poland will take part in the exhibition under the motto "Creative people, smart energy".

"We will represent Poland as a country active in the international arena, a modern country with a strong potential of hardworking and educated people, a country that is an example of the great success of economic and political transformation, a country where innovative technologies and solutions are implemented and people respect their traditions and history", - representatives of the Polish side shared.

Poland plans to tell EXPO 2017 about its economic potential, to strengthen cooperation with representatives of small and medium-sized businesses in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The main focus will be on scientific developments in the field of energy efficiency, environmental protection and renewable energy technologies.

Poland planned a rich program of popularization of economic, scientific, regional and cultural nature. In addition, during the three months of its presence at EXPO Poland has planned a large number of initiatives designed for the Polish diaspora in Kazakhstan.

"June 17 is the day of the Poland in Kazakhstan which will be celebrated by a concert in the open air for the residents of Astana with the participation of Polish artists. During the celebration of the Day of Poland on June 15 a historical exhibition dedicated to General Vladimir Anders called "Anders' Army - the path of hope" will be held at the Museum of Akmola camp of traitors' wives (ALGIR). Two events are planned in July: planting of forest trees in the Botanical gardens which borders with the territory of the exhibition EXPO and an industry scientific conference related to the energy sector", - the organizers of the presentation told.

The program of the conference will include presentations of Polish scientific achievements in the field of energy including graphene and blue coal.

"In addition, the potential of the Polish sector of electric mobility, environmental protection and afforestation which will solve the problems associated with the leading topics of the exhibition will be presented. This event organized by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education will be combined with the popularization of the educational offer of Polish higher educational institutions", - representatives of the pavilion of Poland reported.

From August 12 to 13 the Polish club "Lang Team" will take part in the bicycle race that will take place within the framework of EXPO. In addition, together with the student union AZS, Poland will hold an outdoor event for the residents of Astana where special emphasis will be placed on programs for children and adolescents.

September 7 will be the Day of Poland at the EXPO. It will be accompanied by a number of cultural events.

"The culmination of this day will be a concert performed by artists of the Bolshoi Theater - the National Opera "Voices of the Mountains" under the direction of Jerzy Maksimyuk. On the day before, the most important events related to the implementation of the economic program will be held. The Polish-Kazakhstan Economic Forum is scheduled for September 6. The forum and exchange of economic contacts will be attended by Polish and Kazakh entrepreneurs interested in establishing or expanding mutual economic contacts", the organizers said.

According to the organizers, the Polish Agency for the Development of Entrepreneurship of National Booths during the major exhibition and fair event in Karaganda will also support the building of economic relations between Polish and Kazakh entrepreneurs.

"During the EXPO Poland will be actively promoted exhibition as an interesting tourist destination.The opening of direct flights between Warsaw and Astana will contribute to an increase in the number of Kazakh tourists visiting our country as well as tourists from Poland who will be better acquainted with the unique tourist attractions of Kazakhstan. June 28 will host a conference with the participation of Polish and Kazakh tour operators whose goal will be the popularization of tourism markets and sights of both countries", - the presentation speaker said.

Throughout the exhibition Poland intends to popularize the city of Lodz which claims to hold EXPO 2022 and seek support for the candidacy of the city from Kazakhstan. Poland wants to hold a global exhibition on the topic of large urban agglomerations and the problem of revitalizing former industrial territories.

The presentation also told about the Polish exposition itself during the world specialized exhibition in Astana. The Polish Pavilion will consist of 5 zones: Entrance, Technologies, Forest, Recreation and Regions.

"In the entrance zone, we will represent the breakthrough Polish technologies related to energy - in particular, the application of the Polish inventions such as photoelectric elements from perovskites which will soon revolutionize the world photoelectric market. In the Technology Zone, visitors will get acquainted with clean coal technologies related to, in particular, the gasification of coal and so-called "blue coal" as well as the combustion of biomass", - said the representatives of the Polish side.

According to them, the multimedia show will tell about coal as an element of the cycle of energy rotation in nature. This part of the exposition will also feature striking examples of the revitalization of post-industrial territories serving for the purposes of culture, tourism or active recreation.

"The Forest Zone represents the beauty and richness of the Polish forests as well as their role in the absorption of carbon dioxide. In this part of the exposition there will be a wall with interactive elements for the youngest guests of the pavilion. Pressing the buttons, they will, in particular, listen to the voices of forest animals and feel odors associated with forests. In the Recreation area there will be seats and interactive compositions for children. This light or visual impulses will be caused by touching individual points of the exposition", - the organizers of the pavilion said.

In this part, there will be a stage where art performances and presentations will take place.

"In the Regions area visitors will be able to get acquainted with interesting examples of technologies and places connected with the themes of the exhibition in some regions of our country", -  the representatives of the Polish pavilion said.

The participants of the presentation also shared Poland's expectations from the EXPO 2017.

"First of all, we expect an increase in the volume of trade between Poland and the Republic of Kazakhstan, in particular, in the export of Polish products saturated with high, modern technologies that will further develop the Kazakh economy. In addition, we expect growth in Polish investments in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. We are also expecting an increase in the scope of economic cooperation between Polish and Kazakh entrepreneurs, in particular, from the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises", - the Polish representatives summarized.

Let us remind that the launch of a regular LOT flight between Astana and Warsaw became known in early April. Then the first details of the concept of the Polish pavilion at the EXPO 2017 have been announced and in the beginning of May Poland told about their candidate city for the right to hold EXPO 2022.

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