Doctors of Astana conducted drills for handling possible import of dangerous infections by EXPO visitors to Kazakhstan

4 May

In the city hospital of infectious diseases of Astana, training drills were held to conduct anti-epidemic measures in identifying a patient with symptoms that do not exclude quarantine and especially dangerous infectious diseases. This was reported in the press service of akim of Astana.

"On the threshold of the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO, the event is aimed at preparing the medical services of the city to take security measures in case of occurrence and registration of a patient with symptoms that do not exclude quarantine and especially dangerous infections.Alternatively, the organizers checked the algorithm of interaction on the organization and conduct of anti-epidemic measures, as well as readiness assessment of the city's involved services to conduct anti-epidemic measures in the mass admission of patients with infectious gastrointestinal diseases and patients with symptoms of especially dangerous diseases,” the Akimat informed.

During the drills, doctors modelled one of the possible situations.

"According to the mechanism of the drill, visitors of the exhibition, visitors from other regions or foreign guests contact the nearest clinic complaining of high fever, joint pain, a rash all over the body and repeated nosebleeds. When examined, doctors reveal a fever of unclear aetiology, that is, doctors suspect especially dangerous infection, so they call the specialists of the city emergency station and the staff of all responsible emergency services.This is the highest priority emergency call, and specialists must drive up and provide necessary services within 10 minutes. In identifying the disease, the patient should be completely isolated,” said Bolat Omarov, the Deputy Head of the Health Department of Astana.

Specialists assured, the city's Health Department has approved a comprehensive plan for conducting emergency exercises in all infectious polyclinics in the city.

"At the time of EXPO on the territorial principle, all hotels, residential complexes and hostels will be attached to all residential facilities for walking accessibility. In addition, in order to avoid transmission of infectious diseases in the city based on Centre for Addiction and Mental Health at the metropolitan Akimat, was established a special Observatory ( insulator) for 60 beds for inspection and examination of persons with especially dangerous infections. Moreover, in the airport terminal and in the railway station waiting room operate the thermal imagers, allowing to feel the body temperature of the carrier of infection. Thus, the incoming tourists are being checked for possible infectious diseases. When the signal arrives the workers of the medical centres react promptly and have the right to call specialists of the city ambulance station in place,” the organizers of the drills told.

During the exhibition, 6 medical points, 1 medical centre and 8 ambulances will be involved on the territory of EXPO-town, including the resuscitation team and the line ambulances that provide emergency medical services on the territory of EXPO with the delivery to the hospitals of the nearest medical institutions.

The department plans to conduct and develop training measures for mass poisoning, food, mass infectious diseases, as well as providing rapid emergency care on resuscitation of sick patients.

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