The President of Finland to visit EXPO 2017

12 May

The President of Finland Sauli Niiniste will attend the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. This was announced by Roman Vasilenko, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Internet magazine "Vlast" informs.

"The President of Finland plans to visit Kazakhstan for the third time on June 19-21 to participate in the National Day of Finland at EXPO 2017", - Vasilenko said.

It also became known that on June 18-19, Oulu Culture Days will be held in Astana, which is the sister city of the capital of Kazakhstan.

Let us remind that an extensive delegation of representatives of the KFEIG consortium will take part in the work of the Finnish pavilion of the international exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. It includes the four largest technical universities in Finland - JAMK University of Applied Sciences, HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Tampere Adult Education Center and Lahti University of Applied Sciences.

In addition, in the period from July 18 to August 11, 2017 Joulupukki - the Finnish Santa Claus - will come to Astana from Lapland for the exhibition. Despite the fact that traditionally the fairy-tale character usually leaves his home only on Christmas holidays, Finnish Santa Claus decided to make an exception for the guests of Astana EXPO 2017. Also the Finns decided to reproduce the Northern Lights effect in their pavilion and demonstrate their advanced developments in the field agrotechnology, as well as present an alternative to air conditioners for apartments.

After the exhibition, Finland will take part in the creation of a park of IT startups based on the facilities of EXPO 2017.

The sketches of the Finnish exhibition pavilion were earlier published on the internet.

Earlier it became known that the tickets for EXPO 2017 as a prize in a lottery in Finland in order to warm up the interest in their technologies to be shown in Astana. The drawing of tickets for the opening day of the exhibition takes place on the page of the Finnish pavilion in the social network Facebook.

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