Japan presented a mix of all kinds of renewable energy at the EXPO

20 June

A synthesis of various types of energy was shown in the pavilion of Japan at the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017. The country set a task to develop all types of alternative energy sources, the newspaper "Kazakhstan's Pravda" writes.

The pavilion of Japan consists of three halls. In the first one guests are told about technologies that help Japan solve energy problems. In the second, visitors are introduced with the project Smart Mix with Technology, the meaning of which lies in the synthesis of various types of energy. Viewers can feel the enhanced presence effect thanks to the large widescreen monitor and the application for smartphones. In the 8 minutes long video presentation the main character tells about various problems of energy conservation in a theatrical style. In the third zone, HEMS technology is presented. This is a private house, which has solar panels, a virtual power station, high-tech refrigerators and LED home gardens, a heat sensor and a "sound sleep" function in the air-conditioning.

It should be noted that illustrations on the facade of the pavilion also tell about the types of natural energy. They show different elements that characterize Japan. For example, traditional patterns, including images of fish, iris flowers and sakura. Organizers of the exhibition invited volunteers from Japan who speak Russian fluently, and also developed a special uniform for EXPO 2017.

Japan was one of the first countries to confirm participation in EXPO 2017. At the exhibition, the Japanese are waiting for support from Kazakhstan when nominating Osaka for the international exhibition EXPO 2025. Japan is interested in Kazakhstan's experience in mobilizing international support for the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017.

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