Green City, Pororo the Little Penguin and a grand concert - what Korea prepares for EXPO

9 May

Korea is planning to present a rich cultural and entertainment program to the guests of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. It includes more than 400 events. The deputy director of the Korean pavilion Kim Jung-Hung told about this to site

A large delegation of 850 people will arrive from Korea to the capital of Kazakhstan. It will include representatives of the administration unit, commercial and construction organizations, as well as cultural events organizers. A grand concert with the participation of Korean and Kazakh performers is planned on July 18. It will be held at the cycle track "Saryarka". In addition, the creators of the pavilion also provided an entertainment program for children. There will be an interactive show about the cartoon character Pororo on the territory of the exposition on a daily basis.

Exposition of Korea will be located in a pavilion with an area of more than 1,700 square meters. Its main theme will be "The Energy of the Future. Reasonable life." The country plans to demonstrate modern technologies in the field of alternative energy, including solar systems, energy storage systems (Energy Storage System), as well as the model of the city operating on "green" energy (Green Energy Town).

"Kazakhstan chose the right moment and theme. The theme "The Energy of the Future" desperately needs discussion, as for Kazakhstan, it needs to develop alternative methods of energy generation. The experience and recognition in the world arena, resulting from the exhibition, will increase the country's development potential in this direction", - the deputy director of the Korean pavilion Kim Jung-Hung said.

Representatives of the Korean pavilion are confident that the exhibition will be a great help for the further development and expansion of technological exchange between the two countries.

Let us note that the Republic of Korea has hosted a world exhibition twice. In 1993, it was held in Daejeon. The main goal of the large-scale event was to find solutions to acute environmental problems, such as environmental depletion and pollution due to the rapid pace of industrialization.

"After the EXPO Daejeon became Korea's scientific and technical capital. There was built the scientific complex Dedok Innopolis in its territory, which in turn made a huge contribution to the development of new technologies in the country due to cooperation with universities, research institutes and industry. The complex has 60 research institutes employing more than 11% of the country's researchers. Recently the number of internationally registered patents exceeded 10,000. Thanks to Dedok Innopolis Korea is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of the level of development of science and technology", - Kim Jung-Hung said.

In 2012, Korea hosted guests in the city of Yeosu. The exhibition was organized in order to motivate people to treat carefully the resources of the oceans. After EXPO, Yeosu has become a popular international place for recreation.

Let us remind, earlier it became known that the Republic of Korea will demonstrate in Astana the best advanced technologies. To prepare for the exhibition, a special department was created affiliated to the Korean Agency for the Development of Trade, which will organize the performances of performers.

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