Astana residents urged to smile on the threshold of EXPO

8 May

On the initiative of akim of Astana, Asset Issekeshev, in the capital of Kazakhstan, on the threshold of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 was launched the “Smile Astana” project. It is aimed at creating the image of a happy resident of the city, reports.

"Let's launch the “Smile Astana” project and make a code of rules for the residents of Astana. Let's all start smiling at each other, at people around us, help the elderly, offer the elderly and pregnant go first in a queue, be polite," akim of the capital, Asset Issekeshev encouraged.

The project was entrusted to representatives of youth associations and organizations of the city. The activists plan to hold a number of cultural and entertainment events, flash mobs and positive events. In addition, a contest for the happiest face and a beautiful smile will be announced in the capital.

Moreover, improvised shows with the participation of full-body puppets will be held in public places and public transport. Teasers and billboards with smiley images will appear on the streets of Astana.

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