The famous Swiss pilot of a plane on solar batteries to visit EXPO before flying to the stratosphere

12 May

As part of the Swiss delegation famous pilot Rafael Domzhan will come to Astana for the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017. He will visit Kazakhstan before flying to the stratosphere on a plane running on solar panels, "Kazinform" reports.

"I will be in Astana on August 11, we come to EXPO 2017. We had an idea to make a tour to the big cities in Europe and fly to Astana. We addressed Astana EXPO 2017 Commissioner with this proposal within the framework of the exhibition. However we didn't get a respond. They didn't say neither no, nor yes. The list of the cities included Paris, London, Berlin and other cities. Within the tour we wanted to talk about the exhibition. Now it's too late to do that," the pilot said.

An ambitious project, that the researcher takes part in, is carried out at the expense of sponsorship money and the funds of the Swiss government. It is interesting that the Russian company "Zvezda", which manufactured a spacesuit for Yuri Gagarin, is engaged in sewing the workwear.

"By launching this project we want to show what can be achieved with the help of solar energy.The sky is limitless for us.The limit is fuel and our airplane does not fly on fuel. Our goal is to fly to the stratosphere without fuel, to fly longer and further than conventional aircraft. This is our message to the inhabitants of the planet," Domzhan noted.

According to Rafael Domzhan, the creators of the project have the idea to make this flight commercial and invite a leading world star. Negotiations on participation in the flight with Leonardo DiCaprio and the Prince of Monaco are now under way.

The Swiss have already started installing the exhibits in their pavilion of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 and the work is on schedule. The theme of the Swiss pavilion "Flower Power" ("the power of flowers") will present visitors with energy efficiency of a person in the everyday life, motivating people to use energy more efficiently. On the territory of the pavilion there will be three thematic houses dedicated to the beautiful Swiss mountain ranges, the rational use of water and the popularization of national cuisine.

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