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EXPO 2017 organizers promised a magnificent opening ceremony

31 May

The presentation of the cultural and entertainment program of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 was held in Astana. The organizers promise magnificent shows, concerts of classical and modern music, thematic exhibitions, ballet and theatres, circus. This was reported in the press service of the Government of Kazakhstan.

As the director of the Department of content and organization of events of JSC NC "Astana EXPO-2017" Marat Omarov said, exclusive concerts and exhibitions will be held to gather a large number of spectators from all over the world.

"We developed a cultural and entertainment program in such a way so that it should demonstrate the diversity of the culture of Kazakhstan, our orchestras, creative groups, pop artists. At the same time we attracted famous foreign artists to achieve a communicative effect", - Omarov shared.

The exhibition will be opened with one of the main cultural projects - the "Symphony of the Great Steppe" show.

"It represents a multifaceted, spectacular, dynamic visualization of the entire history of the Kazakh people. The presentation will reflect the main stages of Kazakhstan's development starting from the mythological creation of the world till our days. The unique mass musical and choreographic performance consisting of separate numbers dedicated to various historical milestones connected with a single storyline will be available for visitors during the first five days from June 10 to 14", - the press service of the government reported.

According to the press service, several special buildings have been built on the territory of EXPO for cultural and entertaining events. The main site - the Amphitheater – can host about 10 thousand people. Also, according to the press service of the government, the music hall "Energia", congress and art centers are waiting for their hour.

"A series of classical concerts called "The New Life of Traditions" is prepared for the guests. The first concert will be presented by the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi in the alternative representation of director Alexei Franchetti.The Eurasian Symphony Orchestra, Dombrist ensemble, saxophonist quartet, cello ensemble , a quartet of flutists, a soprano parade and a baritone parade, a large ensemble of violinists will take place on the stage of the music hall", - the government said.

A large-scale concert will be organized on the territory of the exhibition on the Capital's Day - it will become the main event within the framework of all city events held on this day.

"Also guests are invited to the ballet performance with elements of modern choreography and cinematography "The Great Gatsby Ballet", amazing performances of cellist Misha Maisky, string quartet "Kuss Quartet", pianists Andrea Lucchesini and David Fry, Russian saxophonist Igor Butman, Bi-2 and Mumiy Troll bands, Timati, Polina Gagarina and Yegor Krid, representatives of the Kazakh stage. This is only a small part of all performers", - the press service said.

It should be noted that the organizers did not fully disclose the names of all foreign artists.

"The main cultural event of EXPO 2017 will be Cirque du Soleil which will show 71 performances consisting of 11 acts. This show is unique and it will be seen only in Astana", - the government press service summarized.

Let us remind that on May 17 it became known that during the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana there will be concerts of rock stars 30 Seconds To Mars with their leader Jared Leto and Limp Bizkit. Tickets for the concert of a number of stars are already on sale.

The forthcoming world specialized exhibition will be held in Astana for three months and the organizers promise a magnificent show program that covers the entire period of the EXPO 2017. Earlier, the EXPO2017.com website published the schedule of the main points of the cultural program and events of the exhibition with the participation of top celebrities.

Open Air will start the cycle of concert events in the framework of EXPO. It will be held on June 1 at 18:00 at the monument "Kazakh Yeli." Popular artists such as VIA Gra, MBand, Orda, Kairat Nurtas, Glukoza, Max Barskikh, MOT, Zhanar Dugalova, Aikyn, Ali Okapov and other well-known performers of the CIS countries will perform in front of residents and guests of the capital.

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